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Pre Natal Online Yoga Teacher Training India

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Online Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course

Online Pre-Natal yoga teacher training course at Samadhi Yoga Ashram is registered with the yoga alliance and designed for the yoga teachers who are interested to teach pre-natal and post-natal yoga. As being a Mother is the highest responsibility to take two lives within a single body of the divine feminine. For healthy, sound growth and development of a new being inside the womb through traditional therapeutic methods of yoga with Ayurveda of samadhi Yoga ashram. We help pregnant women to pass through the various stages of their beautiful journey to motherhood with a sense of calm and a feeling of well-being with the teachings of Yoga and its therapeutic applications as well as its principles. Our students would develop a great sense of Ayurvedic lifestyle with the practice of Ayurvedic and herbal diet for their changing needs of the body.

online prenatal yoga teacher training

Our students through the practice of yoga support a healthy pregnancy that’s easy and enjoyable by minimizing the labor pain during the delivery time with traditional Indian Yogic techniques. We at Samadhi Yoga Ashram with the progress of the course, teach the various techniques according to related pregnancy duration accustomed to the yogic exercises, modifications required for every trimester, anatomy, spiritual aspects of sacred motherhood, positive mantra chanting, and lots more with our experts 24x7 medical attention.

Celibacy is the highest strength, it makes you healthy, happy and focused - Yogi Vishnu

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Why our Pre Natal Online Yoga teacher training is Special ?

  • You can Learn yoga teacher training from Rishikesh Yoga Capital of the world with the comfort from your home over the Internet
  • Once you are enrolled for our Pre Natal Online Yoga Teacher Training Online program, you are provided with a PDF curriculum specially designed with a balanced approach to learning and practicing. with the finest yoga Guru
  • 150 Contact Hours (Live Yoga Class over Zoom from Rishikesh)
  • 50 Non Contact Hours (Recorded video, audio class, self-practice)
  • You can Register As a certified yoga Teacher and teach World-wide
  • You will get 10 Days yoga Nidra Course free
  • Option to complete the course through Self-paced

Interested to know more about our The Pre Natal Online Yoga TTC? to contact us or Write us an Email: samadhiyogaashram@gmail.com

Curriculum For Online Pre Natal Yoga TTC

Mannual and Books

  • Prenatal Mannual


  • WELCOME !!! to understand the purpose of prenatal yoga
  • Preparation to conceive a baby
  • Garbhadhana samskara : first womb purification
  • Punsavana samskara : Purification of womb in first trimester
  • Simontanayana samskara : Purification of womb in 2nd & 3rd trimester
  • Jatakarma samskara : Last purification during pregnancy
  • Other samskras/purifications after pregnancy
  • Prenatal yoga : How is it different from other style of yoga
  • Prenatal yoga TTC : Yoga alliance accreditation of this course
  • Prenatal yoga TTC : How does it work online
  • Prenatal yoga TTC : How to eliminate your confusions of it
  • Chatur- Varna Ashram : Four phases of human life
  • The subtle meaning of yoga
  • Chitta Vritti Nirodha : controling operations of mind
  • Four aspects of the mind
  • Application of mindfulness during pregnancy
  • Concept of Triguna applied in pregnancy


  • Introduction of Prenatal Yoga
  • Trimesters Pregnancy
  • Joint movements (Part 1)
  • Joint movements (Part 2)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-1)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-2)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-3)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-4)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-5)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-6)
  • Yoga for 1st Trimester (Part-7)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 1)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 2)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 3)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 4)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 5)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 6)
  • Yoga for 2nd Trimester (Part 7)
  • Lession
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 1)
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 1)
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 3)
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 5)
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 6)
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 7)
  • Yoga for 3rd Trimester (Part 8)
  • Important Note


  • Introduction of Pranayama
  • Continue To Introduction Of Pranayama
  • Preparation for Pranayama
  • Asana for Pranayama(Part 1)
  • Asana for Pranayama(Part 2)
  • Asana for Pranayama(Part 3)
  • Abdominal Breathing Practice
  • Thoracic Breathing Practice
  • Natural Breathing Practice
  • Clavicle Breathing Practice
  • Abdominal and Thoracic Breathing Practice
  • Yoni Mudra
  • Nadi Shodhan Pranayama
  • Surya Pran Mudra
  • Surya Nadi Pranayama
  • Chandra Nadi Pranayama
  • Hridaya Mudra
  • Seetkari Pranayama
  • Sheetali Pranayama
  • Palming Kriya & Shanmukhi Mudra
  • Bhramari Pranayama
  • Udgeeth Pranayama
  • Pranav Pranayama
  • General Pranayama Sequence

Nutrition for Pregnant Women

  • Nutrision (Objectives)
  • Nutrision (Topic- Nutritional Stages)
  • Nutrision (Categories Of Nutrirnts)
  • Nutrision
  • Nutrision (Common Doubts and Questions) Part 2
  • Recommended Daily Intake of Nutrients
  • Topic- Discomfort During Pregnancy
  • Topic- Diet for Pregnancy


  • What is Meditation Introduction to Meditation
  • What is Meditation Introduction to Meditation Part 2
  • Natural breathing practice
  • Pranava Meditation
  • Benefits of Pranava Meditation
  • Clavicular Breathing
  • Solution for Problems
  • Pause Breath Method
  • Mudras
  • Zen Meditation 2
  • Prana Dhyana
  • Prana Dhyana Practice

Mantra Meditation

  • Teacher Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • ॐ Oum Mantra
  • Om Puurnnam-Adah
  • Gajananam Bhoota Ganadi Sevitam
  • Vakratunda Mahakaya
  • Ganesh Sankata Nasana Stotram
  • Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu
  • Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
  • Maha Mantra
  • Vishnu Stotram
  • Mantra Meditation Practice
  • “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche”1
  • Surya Mantra
  • Om Bhur Bhuvaha Svaha
  • Devi Mantra's
  • Devi Saraswati Mantra
  • Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah

Final Exam

  • Exam

Why Choose Samadhi yoga Ashram

  • Tradition- We follow Ancient Traditional yoga of The Himalayas.
  • Location – We are located in a peaceful, serene, and beautiful place in Rishikesh.
  • Lap of Mother Ganga- we are situated on the bank of the Ganga River.
  • Himalayan Jungle – The jungle is just behind our ashram closely.
  • Curriculum – All practices and theory
  • Teacher – we have 14+ experienced teachers under the guidance of Yogi Vishnu
  • Courses- we offer around 15 different important courses.
  • Experiences- Until now our ashram has trained more than 3000 yoga teachers around the world.
  • Spirituality- Our training is based on spiritual practices.
  • Kundalini-based training- Our main purpose is to awake the latent energy of our students.
  • First kundalini yoga ashram- we are the first school who stated the kundalini yoga TTC
  • Founder- Yogi Vishnu is one of the well-known Yogi who is the founder and teacher.
  • Holistic yoga- Holistic yoga Teacher training is one of the best course we offer

Free online class videos for home studies

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Your Teachers For This Course

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

(Our Founder)

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi has been steeped in spiritual endeavors since childhood. By the age of 20, Vishnu eventually made his way to Rishikesh and visited the caves of the Himalayas. He has been traveling and teaching spirituality outside and inside India for many years. He's completely appreciative of his experience in life so far. Now, he is deeply dedicated to guiding students to experience a unique and spiritually nourishing life journey all their own.

Rajeev Nautiyal


Yogi Rajeev Kumar Nautiyal holds a bachelor in Engineering from Graphic Era University. After months of experience in the area, he felt the need to change his life for a more meaningful one and found himself immersed in yoga as a life-changing philosophy. As well as attaining a 500-hour TTC certificate, he has also graduated in Yogic Science from Uttarakhand University and in Yoga Naturopathy. He currently teaches hatha, vinyasa, Ashtanga and Pranayama.

Yogi Ashutosh Mishra

(Asana Teacher)

Ashutosh Mishra born & bought up in Rishikesh, it was in his gene to explore the great ancient art of yoga. His style is combination of intelligent sequencing and alignment for the body. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in yogic science. He did his master’s in yoga therapy from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He started to practice karma yoga in the Ashram, helping local and international students to overcome the cultural barrier.

Yogini Neha

(Anatomy & Pranayama)

Ph.D. in Yoga and science from Rajasthan, University.She has completed her M.A in Yoga and science from Uttarakhand University.She also has a PGDM in Yoga from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar.Worked with the central government of India to teach Yoga in rural villages of Rajasthan, India.Worked as a Yoga instructor for various institution during her studies. She has conducted yoga retreats and workshops in Austria and Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whoever willing to learn yoga step by step.
  • Take the next level in your practice.
  • Ease the transition before entering a full-time academic program.
  • Enjoy learning a new topic.
  • Whatever the reason, our online courses are a flexible way of learning about the art world without disrupting your daily life.

We conduct a few online courses. If you are interested in Hahta and Ashtanga style you can join Multy style Yoga TTC and if you are interested to learn kundalini yoga and hatha choose kundalini TTC.

200 YTTC is the first level and 300 YTTC is the advance level course. To register your certificate in yoga alliance you need to do first 200 YTTC.

Yes, you need to have basic English to attaten our yoga course.

We do not see the ecademic qualification, you need to have interest to learn the science of living.

You can book as many courses you want but at a time you only can attend one course. After that you can join another course.

No worries you can complete the course in 6 months of time.

After your certification make an account in yoga alliance and then follow the guidelines and it is easy. You need to put the picture of your certificate and then they will send us to confirm. After we confirm it you can pay and register. If you want to just send your certificate for confirmation they will not charge.

You can register whenever you want. If you start teaching yoga it will be nice to do as soon as possible. That make you confident in your profession.

If you are booking the course and payment do not go through then there are many different method and you can apply and also contact the team.

Yes we do. Students need any assistance can directly connect with our team.

There is no refund of your yoga fees that you have deposited for online course. Before you book please fix your mind and study the reviews and programs. Ask as many questions you want. You can postpone your course for another month.

  • You have to complete your course in one to six month of time.
  • You can join the certification ceremony on 9th or 26th of every month.
  • You should log in in yoga alliance and confirm your certificate there.

If you have already registered in yoga alliance for 200 RYT and if you do again this course then you can add the hour in continue education program in yoga alliance.

  • We provide all the video of the course in online platform. You can play all videoes one by one and study. There is also extra 50 hours live classes of asana, alignment, and philosophy. For that you will be given zoom meeting id and you can join.
  • We also form a whatsapp group and students share their issue if they meet so that our team can resolve them.

200 RYT is minimum 25 days. After that all live class stop and students need to do self study. 300 RYT goes 30 days after that if they want to continue more they need to self study.

In Online course we have around 20 to 40 students.

It works so nicely. We thought online course may not be effective but after trained one year of online course and teaching around 1500 students we realize this can change your life. without any confusion you can join and take the benefit. You can stay in your own comfort at home and practice.

You should have a computer, laptop or a smart phone. It is nice to use a microphone for a better sound.

If you are away from your home and if you are unable to attend the classes then do not worry, can complete and take more time.

All text books and manual will be given to you in Ebook form. So you no need to buy.any special book the teacher will recommend you can buy.

Students Reviews

For whom

  • Whoever want to be healthy and happy in Life.
  • Whoever want to learn yoga systematically.
  • Whoever want to practice from the traditional yoga teachers.
  • Whoever want to deeper the experience
  • Whoever financially challenged students can apply, as the cost is reasonable.
  • Whoever want to be an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner.
  • Whoever very busy and unable to attend a regular residential course.
  • Opening Ceremony: On 1st at 08:00 PM.
  • Live classes: From 2nd to 29th.
  • Closing Ceremony: On 30th at 08:00 PM IST.

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What we offer (online Yoga Teacher Training)

  • Pre-Natal high quality pre-recorded course videos
  • 1-year access
  • Unlimited Daily live classes for one year(Optional)
  • Live Q & A Session every Saturday
  • Study Materials
  • Yoga Alliance Accreditation
  • Compatible with Mobile, Desktop and Tablets

Contact Information

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.


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Providing The Best

Student's Reviews

Allen Joy


I trained with Yogi Vishnu Ji for a 200 hr self-paced traditional kundalini & tantra certification course. His warm and professional way of teaching aligned with how I learn best. The material is organized, there are supporting people behind the scenes and the course felt like a family. Since I was self-paced and I have limited internet, it was important for me to find a course where I could learn through videos 2-3 days a week. I took the whole 3 months to complete the course, however still feel connected to the knowledge and warmth of Yogi Ji... Thank you Samadhi Yoga Ashram for offering such a gift that will be passed to the world.

Inna Kelberer


I have been practicing yoga for 3,5 years. I have always wanted to learn yoga deeper and to become one day a yoga teacher. I believe you can learn and study more just by teaching others. In this way, you can grow yourself and you can help other people grow as well. I had a lot of questions in my mind when I decided to register for Guru Vishnu’s yoga teacher training course. He promised that the course would change my life. But I didn’t expect that the changes in my life would be so rapid and huge. I am delighted with the level of preparation of any events, quantity, and quality of information! I am very impressed!

Kimberly Prado


I am so grateful to have chosen to attend this school online, it really changed my perspective of learning yoga in a more traditional sense giving me the greatest understanding I need to continue my journey. The teachers are beyond amazing and the people you meet wonderful people from all over the world. I cannot wait to attend this school in India in the nearest future. I highly recommend this school. I love the traditional teachings which gave me the experience I needed to build a strong yoga foundation. It is definitely life-changing in the most positive way. I love this school!!!



Well, my experience over the last month has been magical, to say the least. I had signed up for a Kundalini YTT and that Kundalini knowledge ended up being just the extra bonus. The daily lessons with Guru Vishnu Ji are something I feel everyone should experience in their lifetime, our world would be a much better place, that is for sure. The amazing group of my classmates from all over the world truly added a real sparkle to my experience. It is so incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by so many wonderful, like-minded people, even if only on a virtual platform for now. I can not wait to meet my new family live in Rishikesh when the time is right.

Selena Delesie


I had an amazing experience with Samadhi Yoga Ashram for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It was an online version, but they did so well in helping to feel deeply connected to the teachers, staff, my Guruji Vishnu, and my fellow students around the world. They are authentic, warm-hearted, and very supportive in helping students find their path as not only a yoga teacher, but a student, a yogi who lives yoga as a way of life, and in navigating personal and collective wounds. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking traditional yoga as a way of life and in guiding others on their path too. It was a life-changing experience, following a very challenging couple of years. I am finally feeling whole again.



Staying at the Samadhi Yoga Ashram for my 200-hour yoga teacher training was the best decision I ever made. The staff and teachers were super friendly and knowledgeable. By the end of the 18-day intensive training we were so close, always laughing and hugging. I really feel like we all became a family. I made amazing memories there. The facility and accommodations met my expectations and had everything I needed. When I went in December it was a little cold but if you have enough blankets you will be fine! The staff also has plenty of blankets for people to use if needed. The food was delicious and plentiful every day. We also had enough time for breaks throughout the day to explore the town and have fun. Would highly recommend it!

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