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  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram Behind Laxman Jhulla Police Station Rishikesh
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  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram Behind Laxman Jhulla Police Station Rishikesh
  • (+91) 9719630256

100 Hour Kundalini TTC

  • 100 Hour Kundalini
Kundalini Yoga

Get Exposed to The Essence of Kundalini Through Our 100 Hour Kundalini Tantra and Meditation Yoga

Kundalini is known as the power centres in a human body and is represented in the forms of Chakras (Spirals). Kundalini Tantra is considered as the base of many physical and emotional transformations. Kundalini Yoga is one of the most ancient practices for harnessing the unlimited power sources of the body and channelizing them in constructive direction. With so many advantages of Kundalini Yoga, we at Samadhi Yoga Ashram brings you an introductory course on this form of yoga combined with meditation practices. Our 100 Hours Kundalini Tantra and Meditation Yoga offers you a foundation course to understand the Kundalini in the most illustrious manner and understand its potential in spiritual and physiological advancements. This course intends to offer you the understanding of Kundalini, its positioning inside the body, its effects, its powers, the causes of different illnesses, tantra sadhana for Kundalini Awakening and Meditation to levitate the powers of Kundalini. With this basic 100 Hours Course, we offer you a thorough guidance to identify and control the power of Kundalini with its potentials.

Advantages of availing our 100 Hour Kundalini Tantra and Meditation Yoga

योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचा । मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन ॥
Yogena Chithasya Padena Vacha | Malam Shareerasya Cha Vaidyakena ||

When you get yourself enrolled for our introductory 100 Hour Kundalini Tantra and Meditation Yoga, you are allocated our experienced masters, who guide you with the basic knowledge of Kundalini with its powers. Our Masters also teach you how to resort to Tantra and Meditation to awaken the unlimited power of Kundalini through consistent and correct practice. We guide our students and disciples in proper understanding of Kundalini along with Tantra associated with each Chakra. We also offer you demonstration classes when you can practice recital of Mantras to awaken Kundalini. Our expert guides and Yoga teachers can offer you glimpses of the power of Kundalini Awakening and offer you thorough knowledge on different chakras and their functionalities. With this course, you also gain some knowledge about different physical discomforts and their origin point inside different chakras. We will also explain you how to awaken the chakras and channelize the energy for a physical well-being while practicing Kundalini Tantra for a better evolved soul in spirituality.

How to pursue this course

When you are interested in pursuing 100 Hour Kundalini Tantra and Meditation Yoga from Samadhi Yoga Ashram, you need to contact us. We will check the schedules available and match them with your preferences to confirm you about the course schedule. This course being a residential course, you will be required to stay in the Ashram premises and abide by the regulations for maintaining sanctity of this sacred place. Before your arrival you will be offered a detailed itinerary with the class and other details, which must be practiced for the maximum benefit of this course. Our teachers will guide you and explain any difficulties of understanding the concepts of Kundalini Tantra Sadhana. You can also refer to the Ashram library for the sacred texts to clarify your understanding of this powerful meditation ritual. Upon successful completion, we will award you a certificate of excellence which can help you to pursue the advanced versions of this course and practice these to perfection.

Let us know if you are interested and we will be with you to guide you in the right direction!
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